About The Curious Snowflake-

What happens to a snowflake when it falls?

To a snowflake, falling may be the scariest thing in the world, but the Curious Snowflake longs to know the truth. She travels throughout the Great Cloud, asking every snowflake she can what happens when they fall, and finds that, while everyone has ideas about it, none of them truly know.

Then the Curious Snowflakes falls herself and discovers the truth is more wonderful than anyone imagined.

A story of ideas, beliefs, and faith, The Curious Snowflake: A Parable is for anyone, young or old, who asks the big questions about life.

“What do you think?”

About Me-

I am a New Age writer/philosopher who also dabbles in modern fantasy, speculative fiction, and poetry. Born and raised in Illinois, I’m the youngest of a ridiculously large Polish Catholic family.  Seriously, we could probably field both sides of a baseball game with benches and bullpens at this point. I hold a B.A. Cum Laude from Columbia College Chicago in Music Composition (for all the good that’s doing me now). I am currently working on a YA modern fantasy trilogy, the first book titled Children of Dusk, and a longer philosophical work called A Theory of Oneness.  I am happily married with 3 amazing kids and make my home in the Illinois River Valley area.


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