Oneness Is Boring

I got to a place about a decade ago where I thought I’d figured out The Big One, that my beliefs and ideas had found a final basic shape and everything else from there on out was just details. Oneness, the inherent Unity of all things, was the Grand Truth, our attachment to outcomes was the cause of all our misery, and we needed to “let go and let God”, surrender our free will to the Will of All and just go with the flow. This mindset worked for me for a while, but as the years passed I found myself feeling less and less content, less and less focused, less and less at peace. Recently this feeling changed, and I can now look back upon that time and put my finger on what the problem was.

My soul was bored.

You see, Unity may be the Ultimate Truth, but Unity is also incredibly, horrendously, cataclysmically boring, at least for your soul. It’s great bliss for your mind and heart, don’t get me wrong, but your soul just kinda sits there and says “yeah, yeah, been here, done this, bought the T-shirt, didn’t fit.” You soul knows Unity already because your soul is Unity, and It/you came here to experience something that was not Unity. That’s the whole point of physical existence, to be un-Unified.
To quote Richard Bach, we are the otters of the universe: playful, curious creatures who love the new and the different. Our soul is our inner child, and merely hanging out Oneness is the spiritual equivalent of taking your inner child shoe shopping; all well and good if the shoes light up and do neat things, but gets old really fast. Our soul doesn’t want Oneness it wants to jump in mud puddles and sing loudly to bad songs and get the lyrics wrong and chase fireflies at twilight and imagine clouds as turtles and elephants and dragons and have fun!!
Also, whether we like it or not, our soul also longs for the negative.
What?  That doesn’t make any sense, does it? Why would our souls want negative experiences? But this does make sense if you truly understand what the purpose of existence is.  We are here to experience individuation, to dive into the dichotomies of being a linear being. Linear existence is nothing but dichotomies: up and down, left and right, good and evil, black and white. Reality is this way because it creates a field of context against which we can create our sense of self. We need an idea of wrong to decide to be right, we need the context of unfair in order to act fairly. We need these negative experiences if we want to experience the positive. Don’t believe me? Look at your life. How many times has life built you up only to tear you down? How many times have you hit bottom only to have just the right positive thing come along to help you back up again? My life is nothing but examples of this, rollercoaster rides of up and down and left and right and round and round, each one an opportunity for me to forge a new and better example of who I am and who I wish to be.
“This too shall pass.” Wiser words were never spoken, because this is what we truly want, at the level of our souls.  All else, to be honest, is boring.

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